About the Owner / Driver

David G. Modder, Owner/Driver, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

Dave’s interest in Jet Cars began at the age of fourteen when he watched his first jet car races at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, Wisconsin. Thoughts of ‘I’ve got to have one of those,’ materialized 22 years later when he became the Owner of the Dragon’s Fyre Jet Dragster. Dave can attest that if you never lose sight of your goal, and are willing to put in enough hard work, a dream can become a reality. Dave now has nineteen years experience in the jet car business and is acknowledged for a 100 percent run-completion rate and perfect safety record (over 850 exhibition runs).

Dave pays tribute to fellow jet dragster driver Bill Gnegy and credits his mentorship to the start of his success. Ancel Horton also was one of the drivers that Dave watched as a young man at Union Grove. It was a privilege to have Ancel and Bill sign off his Jet Exhibition license at the Texas Motorplex.

Volunteer Fireman picDave and the Dragon’s Fyre Jet Dragster have been featured on ESPN, ESPN 2, Fox Sports Network, and Horsepower TV. Print media include HOT ROD Magazine, and IHRA Drag Review.

Dave’s ‘real job’ is Captain for an airline and has been flying for over 29 years. Dave has flown everything from crop dusters to Lear jets, and has over 13,000 hours of flight time. Dave is also a Licensed Aircraft Mechanic certified to work on airframes as well as all types of engines.

Dave is also currently a volunteer Firefighter for Randall Township Fire Department in Kenosha County. Firefighting has been a passion for Dave since his early years of service in the mid-80’s in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

Dave started on his jet car career with his purchase and subsequent rebuild of what would become the Dragons Fyre Jet Dragster........chassis, engine,after burner,safety upgrades and finally new paint. Dave ran the Dragster for 15 years before building his next great project.... The Dragons Fyre Jet Truck. Dave came up with the concept of the Jet Truck about 5 years prior to it actually being built. "Nobody had ever built an early model jet powered pick up truck", Modder said. Dave saw an ad for a Downs fiberglass 1940 Ford pickup truck body and thought that would make a great jet truck! It took approximately 6 months to build the truck from start to finished paint.